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A breath of fresh air

I admit it, my website was slipping far behind and I was struggling to attempt to catch up on it all by myself, nearly a sinking ship I’d say. Webclectics has been a breath of fresh air for my website sails and working with Bruce has givin me breathing room to stay focused on what I’m good at while still participating in helping my website. My websites is moving smoothly and quickly for the folks who visit it and its looking great. My customers have shared their gratitude with me on how my site has improved. I look forward to many years of webclectics helping man the helm as we continue onward.

Sam Steffens

Great Customer Service!

Bruce at Webclectics is the PERFECT PERSON to handle hosting. He’s knowledgeable, efficient, and available for Q&A. Sure, big companies can offer hosting, but just try to get through to customer service. It never happens. Bruce Goodman, on the other hand, runs his own hosting shop and can provide one-on-one customer service. He’s available to trouble shoot simple things and solve complex problems. He makes the process smooth for the end-user, and that is worth its weight in gold! I highly recommend Webclectics for domain hosting and support. I have referred several associated to Bruce, and I will continue to refer many more.
Erin Rado – Editor
Celtic Nations Magazine

Erin Rado