RennSearch is a new paradigm in specialized searching and listing of related businesses, including crafters, performers/entertainers, service providers, guilds, and events. EM focuses on events such as Renaissance and Medieval Festivals, Celtic and Highland Games, LARPS, SCA, Viking, Fantasy and other events, bringing together all of these diverse businesses under one roof.

Eclectics Creations and Odin’s Outfitters

Eclectics Creations and Odin’s Outfitters are the manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing of specialized products tailored for the events that are covered by Eclectics Marketplace. Under normal conditions, Eclectics Creations/Odin’s Outfitters will spend up to 40 weeks on the road, traveling to those events across the western US. We partner with other small businesses to manufacture, wholesale and retail a clothing line that includes cloaks, shawls, tunics, archer hoods, and many other different textile products. We also make wood products such as signs with funny, inspirational, or sarcastics sayings, and shields with medieval images on them.


NOTE: We have temporarily halted our ticketing service, due to the pandemic. As events start to open up, we will reactivate the site. In the meantime, there is more information on how Eclectickets works on the link below.

Eclectickets is our final line of business. It is our affordable and customizable option for online and advanced ticket sales for small to medium-sized events. You may ask, why Eclectickets, when there are the 800 pound gorillas out there like Eventbrite? The answer is simple. It’s personalized service, from day one. When you choose Eclectickets, you get not only a ticketing system, but an actual full-featured ecommerce platform, a system that everyone knows how to use. You get training in how to use the system, and you get ongoing support throughout the sale period. But most of all, YOU get the money for the ticket sales… Not in a week, or at the end of your sales period, but as soon as possible. Because we are different from the ‘big boys’. We don’t keep your money and earn interest off of it, especially when you need it yourself. We build your ticketing system and attach YOUR PAYMENT PROVIDER to it, not ours. You get the money, and we invoice you for our fees. This puts you completely in control of the money. If you are interested in more information about Eclectickets, use the contact form on the menu and reach out to us. We will discuss your needs, and come to an agreement on pricing.